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Veterans' Roll Call (DUV Tent #22 members) last updated February 28, 2015

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Pvt. Alexander Arnold, Co. A, IN 59th Infantry 

Pvt. Alexander P. Ayott, Co.C, NY 1st Infantry & Co. A, NY 93rd Infantry

Pvt. Abner Caleb Ballard, Co. H, WI 5th Infantry & Co. A WI 8th Infantry

Pvt. Paul Barker, Co. D, East TN 6th Infantry
Sgt. John Philip Bayha, Co. D, WV 1st Light Artillery

Lt. Dixon Bean, Co A, 74th NY Nat'l Guard

Pvt. Webster P. Blodgett, Co. B, NH 18th Infantry

Sgt. Jacob Angel Bowles, Co. K, PA 21st Cavalry

Pvt. Jacob Brenner, Co. D, IL 93rd Infantry

Maj. Harvey M. Brown, Co. B, WI 36th Infantry & Co. I, WI 31st Infantry

Pvt.  Jacob Hoover Brown, Co. E, 11th KS Cavalry

Pvt. Dorus Calkins, Co. I, IL 95th Infantry

Pvt. William Cunningham Campbell, Co., B, IN 52nd Infantry

Pvt. William L. Clark, Co. I, IL 86th Infantry

Dr.  William M. Clark, Ass’t Surgeon, Co. C, OH 15th Infantry

Lt.  Edwin Cook Clark, Co. C, MA 52nd Infantry & Co. A, MA 27th Infantry

Pvt. Ashford William Clark, Co. C, Webster Co., MO Home Guard

Dr. William McCracken Clark, Ass’t Surgeon, Co. C, OH 15th Infantry

Pvt. John Edward Colbrunn, Co. K, OH 7th Infantry

Pvt. James William Cooper, Co. D, IN 9th Infantry

Cpl. Samuel Blackburn Cope, Co. C, MO 7th Vol. Cavalry
Pvt. William H. Corey, Co. H, CT 7th Infantry
2nd Lt. Solon Benson Cowell, Vernon Greys, IN 9th Legion (Home Guards)

Sgt. Benjamin F. Crocker, Co. I, IA 1st Cavalry

Pvt. Hubbard Curtis, Co. H, NY 153rd Infantry

Pvt. Felix Danner, Co. G, IN 57th Infantry

Lt.  George Kellogg Dauchy, 12th Indep Batt, NY Lt. Artillery

Pvt. William Bond Davis, Co. K, VT 16th Infantry

Pvt. William C. Deck, Co. L, CO 1st Cavalry
Pvt. Morgan Drum, Co H, 132nd PA Infantry Vols.

Pvt. John Dunn, Co. K, TN 1st Cavalry

Pvt. George Frank Duntley, Co. I, IL 102nd  Infantry

Pvt. William Eagle, Co. G, OH 178th Infantry

Pvt.  James D. Edwards, Unassigned Co, 152nd PA Artillery

Pvt. Wilhelm Emmeluth, Co. E, 5th MO Militia Cavalry

Pvt. Nelson Flack, Co. H, PA 148th  Infantry

Pvt. Oliver Flickinger, Co. E, IL 45 Infantry

Sgt. Frederick Garman, Co. D, WI 58th Infantry

Dr. William A. Gibson, Ass’t Surgeon, MO 48th Infantry

Pvt. James Goff, Co. E, IL 136th Infantry

Pvt. James R. Hall, Co. E, ME 1st Cavalry

Pvt. Daniel Hanesworth, Co. A, MD 1st Infantry

Pvt. Martin Van Buren Hapeman, Co. H, MI 3rd Infantry

Cpl. Isaac Baldwin Hardy, Co. A, IL 64th Infantry

1st Lt. William Harrison, Co. H, IL 39th Vol. Infantry
Pvt. Herman Heiforth, Co. C, MN 8th Infantry
Pvt. George Washington Herring, Co. A, 83rd PA Vol. Infantry

Pvt. Daniel Walden Hoisington, Co. A, OH 129th Infantry

Pvt. James H. Howard, Co. I, PA 93rd Infantry

Pvt. Charles Moore Hunt, MO 31st Miltia

Pvt. Chalkey B. Hunt, Co. B, OH 95th Infantry

Sgt. Allen LaMott Jobes,  Co. D, OH 69th.Infantry

2nd Lt. Asa Leonard Jones, Co. A, MA 39th Inf &6th  US Colored Troops

Pvt. Henry Lacy, Co B, 117th IN Infantry & Co. K, 134th IN Infantry

Pvt. Henry Langstaf, Co. D, IA 44th Infantry

Pvt. John Lewis, Co. C, MO 8th State Militia Cavalry

Pvt. Samuel Lord, Co. B, NY 72nd Infantry

Pvt. Robert A. Lower, Co. K, 55th IL Vol Infantry (Medal of Honor recipient)

Pvt. Alfred Markham, Co. B, MA 49th Infantry

Pvt. Napoleon Masoner, Co. F, KS 14th Cavalry & Co. E, 2nd Batt., MO State Miltia

Pvt. John Irvin McDonald, Co. F, WV 12th Infantry

Lt. Col. Thomas W. McKinnie, Co. H, OH 126th Infantry

Pvt. Samuel Newton McNair, Co. B, MD 3rd Cavalry
Sgt. William Lewis McQuaid, Co. C, PA 10th Reserve Corps (PA 39th Infantry)

Pvt. Alexander Mercier, Co. B, CT 9th Infantry

Pvt. Thomas Miller, Co A, IA 32nd Infantry
Pvt. Henry Moore, Co. M, IA 5th Cavalry

Pvt. Philip Morr, Co. F, IN 12th Infantry

Pvt. Charles H. Mueller (AKA Carl Henry Mueller), Co. F, MI 1st Infantry

Pvt. George Byron Ordway, Co. C, 6th MA Vol Infantry
Pvt. George W. Overocker, Co. I, NY 61st HA

Pvt. John Paenteur, Co. A, IL 1st Cavalry

Pvt. Joseph Miller Park, Co. I, IN 151st Infantry
Cpl. Marvin Perry, Co H, IL 45th Infantry    

Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, Co. F, PA 173rd Infantry

Cpl. George Z. Ragan, Co. C, IL 129th Infantry

Pvt. Timothy Reed, Co. I, KS 6th Cavalry


Pvt.  Cornelius T. Richmond, Co. F, 119th PA Vol Infantry 

Pvt. August Reinhold Riebeth, Co. G, MN 2nd Infantry
Pvt. William Robbins Co E, 51st IN Infantry
Pvt. William Winfield Scott, Co. B, 16th OH Infantry; Co. B, OH McLaughlin’s Cavalry;         & Co. C, 5th OH Cavalry

Pvt. Frederick Hollister Severance, Bugler, Co. G., IA 1st Cavalry

Pvt. Benjamin F. Sherburne, Co. G, IL 2nd Reg Artillery

Sgt. James Monroe Sigafus, Batt 8, WI Vol Light Artillery
Lt. Harrison O. Simonds, Co. E, MA 5th Light Artillery

Pvt. Samuel L. Smith, Co. G, OH 116th Infantry

Cpl. George Smith, Co. H, MI 2nd Cavalry

Pvt. George E. Sparrow, Co. D, CT 21st Volunteer Infantry

Capt. John Francis Stewart, Co. D, NY 9th Heavy Artillery

Pvt. Robert Nelson Tabor, Co. H, WI 12th Infantry

Cpl. Robert Thevenin, OH 18th Light Artillery

Pvt. Thomas E. Thompson, Co. F, IL 55th Infantry

Pvt. Theodore Perry Thompson, Co. I, 4th IA Infantry

Pvt. Charles Miller Truesdail, Co. B, PA 177th Infantry 

Sgt. Isaac Keller Vance, Co. C, OH 142nd Vol. Nat’l Guard

Pvt. Nimrod Vandevender, Co. C, MO 23rd Infantry

Pvt. John Virtue, Co. H, PA 21st Cavalry

Pvt. Tobias Voegeli, Co. D, MN/WI 9th Infantry

Sgt. Edward O. Wallace, Co. L, IN 3rd Cavalry
Capt. Allen Edgar Webb, Co. A, IA, 12th Infantry

Pvt. Jacob Wenzel, Co. G & Co. M, NY 2nd Cavalry

1st Lt. John Anderson Wiley, Co. K, WV 14th  Infantry

1st. Lt. Wilbur Francis Williams, Co. D, IN 51st Infantry

Pvt. John Berry Williams, Co. D, OH 29th Infantry

Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Wright, Co., D, IA 45th Infantry

Pvt. Edwin Yockey, Co. B, OH 183rd Infantry

Pvt. Henry Young, Co. B, IA Infantry

Last Updated February 28,  2015.  1838 hrs.

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