Wreaths Across America

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Santa Barbara Cemetery will be an Official Location for the 2019 National Wreaths Across America Day, December 14, 2019.

This holiday season Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War (DUVCW), Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22, will join with millions of volunteers throughout the country to honor our nation’s military veterans by participating in Wreaths Across America Day.  At 10:00 am on December 14th, following a brief ceremony at the Santa Barbara Cemetery located at 901 Channel Drive, wreaths will be distributed amongst the gravesites of Fallen Veterans and those who served in our armed services.  The Santa Barbara Cemetery is one of nearly 2,000 participating locations that come together across the country every year in December to Remember, Honor and Teach.

The public is invited to sponsor the purchase of wreaths for $15 each, volunteer to help distribute wreaths, and is also encouraged to attend the brief ceremony at the Santa Barbara Cemetery. 

Wreaths may be purchased from DUVCW Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22’s “Three for Two” program:  https://www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/CA0525    

For every two wreaths sponsored, a third will be donated for placement at a veteran’s final resting spot at the beautiful Santa Barbara Cemetery.  The deadline for the purchase of a wreath(s) is December 2, 2019. 

For more information about Wreaths Across America: www.wreathsacrossamerica.org 

For more information about Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War (DUVCW), Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22:  https://duvcwsbar.org

Media contacts:

Amber Caron                                                                                       Mary E Hall

207-513-6457                                                                                     805-895-8589 acaron@wreathsacrossamerica.org


Blue-Gray Luncheon

Friday, November 9, 2018, 11:30 a.m.
A meeting of members and friends of the Phoebe Yates Pember Chapter #2532 United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Our program will be “Civil War Surgery and the Evolution of American Medicine.” Dr. Serge C. Kaska, Orthopedic Surgeon, will present the status of medicine during the Civil War, the problems confronting medical practitioners, the names of major players in the efforts to provide and improve care for the wounded and the rapid advances in medical practices that set the stage for the emergence of modern medicine.

Contact kaska@lifesci.ucsb.edu Debbie Kaska for more information.

March 9, 2018

Program: Civil War Antiques Roadshow.
As Senior Vice President Debbie Kaska explained in her e-mail,”You are invited to share any treasured item that relates to the Civil War, your veteran ancestor or that period in history.”
If you are fortunate enough to have a Civil War treasure to share, Debbie asks that you let her know prior to the meeting.
We always look forward to this unique program. Seeing these special treasures and hearing the stories behind each one is always a most interesting learning experience.

VETERANS HOME UPDATE: Just a reminder that our March meeting is the only time you have to donate snack items for the veterans living in the Veterans Home of California-Ventura.
We’re collecting individual snack items such as: candy, protein/granola bars, gum, crackers/cheese, crackers/peanut butter, small bags of nuts, dried fruit, cookies, etc.
Your donations will be delivered April 13th. So, if you’d like to participate, please bring your items to the March meeting.
Thanks again for your continued support of our veterans.

MENU: The chef has provided the following entree selections for this month:

*FISH: Mahi Mahi served with Mushroom Risotto, Seasonal Vegetables and Smoked Tomato Beurre Blanc Sauce

*CHICKEN: Chicken Breast served with Fresh Artichoke-Potato Puree, Seasonal Vegetables and Grape-Herbs Pan Sauce

*VEGETARIAN: Vegetarian Spiced Spring Cous Cous Salad with Vegetables, Saffron and Currants

*Cost for a member’s lunch is $20.00 and our guests are charged $28.00.

Blue-Gray Luncheon Thursday, November 9, 2017

Program and Speaker: Patricia (Pat) Rumpza, USAF Lt. Col (Ret),
WOMEN IN VIETNAM, Did we make a difference?
with special guest, LT. John Blankenship,
USN (former), from Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation

Reservations (paid in advance) must be made and paid by November 3, 2017. $33 each for Seabass, Chicken or Vegetarian. Submit your check with your meal choice payable to Dorothy Oksner.

Contact Mary Hall at mhall33@gmail.com or Dorothy Oksner at ox@silcom.com for further information, with Subject Line “Blue-Gray Luncheon.

April 19, 2017 – Luncheon at the Sahyun

Tent 22 luncheon meeting at the Sahyun Library will feature the Civil War collection hosted by Sue Ramsey, President; and the Records Preservation being conducted at the library led by Dorothy Oksner. This is a potluck luncheon, so bring some tasty treats to share. The meeting will be from 11:30 to 1 with a tour of the library following lunch.

The Sahyun Library is located at 316 Castillo Street, near the corner of West Montecito St.  Take the Castillo Street off-ramp going south, and if coming from the south, take the Bath Street exit going north.  There is plenty of parking in the back.


February 10, 2017 – Program

Our speaker will be our own Senior Vice-President, Debbie Kaska. Her talk is entitled, “Britain and the American Civil War.” As a preview, Debbie writes that “By 1860, Britain and the U.S. were partners in trade and had many common interests.  The split between the states, therefore, was of intense interest in Britain.  Both the North and the South wanted Britain on their side during the war.The talk is about critical decisions by both the Union and the Confederacy that ultimately resulted in Britain’s neutrality.” 
Also, Secretary, Cathy Jordan reports that she’ll have your new 2017 roster ready to hand out.

23rd Annual Blue-Gray Luncheon, Thursday, November 10, 2016

UDCA special traditional meeting and luncheon forDUV members and friends of Phoebe Yates Pember #2532, United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 (DUV) will be held on Thursday, November 10, 2016. The program will be presented by UCSB Professor of History and Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, John Majewski. Dr. Majewski will talk about a book he is currently writing entitled Economic Creativity and the Coming of the Civil War. The luncheon cost is $32 with a choice of three entrees: Beef tenderloin, Halibut or vegetarian.  Contact Debbie Kaska at kaska (at) lifesci.ucsb.edu for more information on location and reservations.

22nd Annual Blue-Gray Luncheon, Friday, November 13, 2015



A special traditional meeting and luncheon forDUV members and friends of Phoebe Yates Pember #2532, United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 (DUV), featuring Treasures of the William Wyles Collection, UCSB, with speaker Danelle Moon, head of Special Research Collections, UCSB Library, The West Coast’s largest collection of records, manuscripts, diaries, photos and more, devoted to the Civil War and the Westward Movement.  Special guest appearance by Mr. William Wyles accompanied by Neal Graffy, author and Santa Barbara historian.