Dauchy, George Kellogg, Lt., 12th Independent Battery, NY Light Artillery

The son of a prominent grocer, George Kellogg Dauchy was born in 1829 in Fulton county New York. Upon graduation from Union college, he was smitten by gold fever and joined the rest of the 49ers in California searching for gold with minimal success. 

He returned to the east coast at the outbreak of the Civil War and joined the 12thNew York Light Artillery as a 1st lieutenant. He served with distinction for three years enduring illness, privation and the Battle of Reams Station. 

In 1864, at the end of his enlistment, George married Lavinia Otis, moved to Chicago and eventually started a successful iron works business. He had four children one of whom was my grandfather Otis Dauchy. 

He remained very involved with his fellow war veterans, joining the Grand Army of the Republic and the Loyal Legion and remaining active overseeing his business and wintering in Sanibel Island, Florida until his death in 1912. 


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