Program Calendar for 2022

January 14                                        Installation of Officers
February 11       Debbie Kaska: “John Brooks Henderson & the 13th Amendment”
March 11 Tent 22 Centennial Celebration 
April 6 – Wednesday Field Trip to Santa Barbara Cemetery with lunch after at the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
May 13  Cathy Jordan: “5 Senses of the Civil War”
June 10 TBA
July  Dark
August Dark
September  9                   Location: Sahyun Library, Cathy Jordan: “Coping with Monotony in Union Camps”
October 12 or 14 Sue Ramsey: “Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain”
November 9 or 10 Debbie Kaska: “War and Remembrance”
December 7 or 9 Christmas Luncheon
January 13 or 14, 2023 Installation of Officers


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